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About Us

There is one common purpose and message underlying all we do… Increase! Through the teaching of innovative success strategies, presented in a practical and easy to understand manner, we are changing and positively impacting homes, businesses, and churches around the world.

The “Message of Increase” is not just a teaching about money. It deals with changing people’s mindsets (Core Beliefs) so that they can also better live overcoming and victorious lives physically, spiritually, and with their personal relationships.

Underneath the umbrella of Harrison International Seminars, we produce and distribute Audio Downloads, CDs, DVDs, and books.

Harrison International Ministries (which is our corporate name) coordinates all activities related to church-based meetings and conferences. Team Increase Partners of the ministry receive weekly inspirational stories and Increase teachings from Bob Harrison. These are texted and emailed to members every week. If you would like to sample receiving these for the next thirty days (30), please fill out the request form, call (800) 632-4653 or send us an e-mail.

Bob Harrison Increase Events gather achievers from across the globe who periodically come together for times of leadership training, idea exchanging, and financial empowerment. Many leaders have experienced economic breakthroughs and created valuable relationships by attending these events. Increase Events are held annually in California and Hawaii.

We trust that visiting our site will be a benefit to you and that you will experience greater Increase in your life than ever before.