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Matthew Barnett

Founder – LA Dream Center

“I have never heard anyone teach on finances like Bob Harrison.”

Jentezen Franklin

Best-Selling Author & International Broadcaster

“Bob Harrison is an amazing teacher…who can impact people’s lives in a major way.”

Myles Munroe

Founder – International Third World Leadership

“One of the greatest teachers I’ve ever heard.”

John Bevere

President & Founder Messenger International

“A great man of God who is impacting our generation.”

Tim Storey

Spiritual Thought Leader & Founder – The Hollywood Study

“One of the finest teachers you could experience.”

Mike Rovner

California’s #1 Multi-family Renovation Contractor

“Except for the Bible no one’s teachings have impacted my life and business more than Bob Harrison’s.”

Simon T. Bailey

Breakthrough Strategist & Platinum Motivational Speaker

“A brilliant and impactful speaker.”

Bishop Joseph Ripley

Author & Speaker

“The most powerful teaching on financial victory that I have ever heard-second to none.”

John Mason

Book Publishing Owner

“The ideas and strategies that Bob teaches can be worth a million dollars…literally.”

Dale Bronner

Church Bishop / Part-Owner Bronner Bros Hair Products

“Bob Harrison does not just teach about increase but he births it in people’s lives.”

Silas Malafaia

Brazil’s Leading Religious Authority

“Bob Harrison’s teaching has been a key part in rewriting the history of our country.”

Dr. Keith Johnson

“America’s Confidence Coach”

“I got around the teachings of Dr. Increase when I was in my 30s and have been thinking bigger ever since.”

Rev Peter Hornung

Founding Pastor Comunidad Cristiana Agua Vida Peru’s Largest Church

“This teaching can change the course of a nation”

Dominic Russo

Founder One Nation-One Day

“Bob Harrison is one of five people who have most influenced my life”

Dmitry Shatrov

Russia Spiritual Leader

“Bob Harrison personally and his teachings radically influenced my life and ministry.”